England Squash: Squash Finder

The Squash Finder is where all potential new players will be signposted to to locate their nearest club/venue. The finder will be promoted through digital marketing campaigns, community roadshows, and Commonwealth Games events such as the Have-a-Go activation zones and festival sites. This is your chance to really make your club/venue stand out from the crowd.

How do I update my club profile?
  • Ensure you’re set up as a ‘Club Admin’ on englandsquash.com.
  • Head to your account on englandsquash.com.
  • To add/edit your club profile and contact details, click ‘Edit’. To add your club’s features and sessions, click on the list of options under SESSIONS and FEATURES and click ‘ADD’.
How do I add my sessions?

New players will be looking for fun, friendly, group sessions to join. You can make these easy to find by adding sessions to the Squash Finder.

The sessions you can add are:

  • Squash Girls Can – any group, female-only, beginner-friendly sessions.
  • Squash 101 – any group, beginner-friendly group sessions for those age 16+.
  • Squash 57 – any group, beginner-friendly Squash 57 activity – for example this could be University of the Third Age sessions, or beginner sessions.
  • Mixed Ability Squash 57 – inclusive squash activity that follows the mixed ability model.

Adding your sessions

  • Coaches and leaders can go to 101.englandsquash.com and log in using your England Squash website details.
  • Select ‘My Sessions’ and then select ‘add new session’.
  • Complete the details selecting the type of session, and how long the sessions will repeat for.
  • Tick the box to say ‘Show on Finder’.
  • Save the details which will automatically populate the Squash Finder.
  • Select sessions and then select the plus sign to add the session.

Be sure to add all your club’s features and coaches along with contact details so prospective players can get in touch. With the new Finder featuring Welfare Officer status, this is a great chance to give players assurance that safeguarding standards are being met. Read our step-by-step instructions on how to add your Welfare Officer.

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