Off The Wall Squash (OTWS) is a Community Interest Company that was founded in 2014 and joined Squash United with the primary goal of developing squash at the grassroots level. 

OTWS works in a variety of areas, including coach education and mentoring, teacher training, tournaments and exhibitions, player support and development. They also run a large and growing Junior Academy and deliver one of the largest primary school squash programmes in England..

The OTWS team includes former professional squash players, experienced coaches, media experts, sports development specialists and dedicated volunteers, all of whom are passionate about the development of squash.

With the Primary School Squash Programme, OTWS delivers squash sessions for 2,500 children per year. Besides introducing the next generation to one of the world’s healthiest sports, the programme has also educated coaches about how to deliver high-quality and fun coaching sessions. Last year, OTWS launched a Primary School Coach Workshop, with the aim of inspiring other coaches to launch their own school programmes.

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