The PSA Foundation is the charitable arm of the Professional Squash Association. We are on a mission to support and grow squash by developing international grassroots programmes, boosting participation through equality, supporting our professional players and most importantly, connecting our global squash community!

A registered charity as of 2016, the PSA Foundation was born as an initiative of the PSA World Tour to go beyond professional squash and help grow our sport by bridging the gap between the top squash players and our amazing squash community. Being the biggest platform in the sport, the PSA Tour is a great place to make sure we are growing squash in all the right ways and looking out for the wider communities.

We have been able to see countless times where squash has changed lives for the better at every level of the game. For us, squash is a catalyst for community development, friendship, good health and so much more. We are the bridge to ensure that the PSA Tour engages with this worldwide community and supports the grassroots initiatives that spearhead these values.

The Commonwealth Games are the pinnacle of squash for many players who proudly represent their commonwealth nations every four years. It is a celebration of sport and community coming together and that is what the PSA Foundation is all about. 

The legacy of the Commonwealth Games has a massive impact on the host cities and the sports that can grow from it. We wanted to join our efforts with our peers and colleagues to make the most of this great event and really showcase squash and leave a positive and lasting impact in the Birmingham area and beyond. 

The PSA Foundation has been an integral part part of Squash United by Birmingham 2022 ever since the group was founded. The PSA Foundation has been an active agent in leading meetings and connecting the squash family, and has been a proactive partner in planning and delivering the Squash United projects.