Rackets Cubed is a UK registered charity that uses racket sports, including squash, tennis, badminton and table tennis, to improve educational outcomes and enhance health, well-being and nutrition for children in England.

Michael Hill, founder of Rackets Cubed, outlines the three core components of the charity as racket sports, education, and nutrition: 

“There is increasing evidence that active children have higher school achievement. We believe racket sports are particularly well suited to these programmes. Each child spends an hour in each session every week following a structured coaching program complemented by games to enhance the physical and mental health benefits.

“We have a core focus on maths, but additional programmes on life skills, finance and other key stage topics. The one-hour traditional maths teaching is structured to complement the core school key stage curriculum, but we are now looking to run additional robotics and coding classes alongside these. We want to introduce, and enhance confidence in, modern technology and engineering-based opportunities.

“There is increasing evidence that nutritious foods improve classroom behaviour and sporting achievement. Exercise is only part of the obesity and metabolic health solution. We believe that with an understanding and participation in rigorous physical exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet, from an early age, long lasting life and health benefits can be established. We seek to provide healthy food options, and use our programs to explain the benefits of a healthy diet.”